Spoke of words on COVID-19, WHO Director-General at the Media Briefing On

COVID -19 - WHO Director-General at the Media Briefing On

WHO Director-General on MArch 5th 2020 attends the press meet. He starts words of wish and thanks to media. Spreading the brief information of you plays a vital role in the response to COVID-19. WHO Director-General says to media plays the fight against rumors and misinformation of the battle against this virus. We rely on you to make sure people have accurate information about the threat they face, and how to protect themselves and others. Here in this article, you will get the full information of COVID -19 – WHO Director-General at the Media Briefing On.

A total of 95,265 reported cases of COVID-19 globally, and 3281 deaths. In the past 24 hours, China reported 143 cases. Most cases continue to be reported from Hubei province, and 8 provinces have not reported any cases in the last 14 days.

Outside China, 2055 cases were reported in 33 countries. Around 80% of those cases continue to come from just three countries. We see encouraging signs from the Republic of Korea. The number of newly-reported cases appears to be declining, and the cases that are being reported are being identified primarily from known clusters.

Although a few countries are reporting large numbers of cases, 115 countries have not reported any cases. 21 countries have reported only one case. And 5 countries that had reported cases have not reported new cases in the past 14 days. The experience of these countries and of China continues to demonstrate that this is not a one-way street.

This epidemic can be pushed back, but only with a collective, coordinated and comprehensive approach that engages the entire machinery of government. We are calling on every country to act with speed, scale, and clear-minded determination.

Although we continue to see the majority of cases in a handful of countries, we are deeply concerned about the increasing number of countries reporting cases, especially those with weaker health systems.

However, this epidemic is a threat to every country, rich and poor. As we have said before, even high-income countries should expect surprises. The solution is aggressive preparedness.

We’re concerned that some countries have either not taken this seriously enough, or have decided there’s nothing they can do.

We are concerned that in some countries the level of political commitment and the actions that demonstrate that commitment do not match the level of the threat we all face.

This is not a drill, This is not the time to give up. Not time for excuses, This is a time for pulling out all the stops. Countries have been planning for scenarios like this for decades. Now is the time to act on those plans.

He Says To The Government Through Media

These are plans that start with administration from the top, planning all aspects of the legislature, not simply the wellbeing service security, strategy, money, business, transport, exchange, data and besides the entire government ought to be included.

Actuate your crisis designs through that entire government approach. Instruct your open, with the goal that individuals realize what the manifestations are and realize how to secure themselves as well as other people.

Increment your testing limit. Prepare your clinics. Guarantee fundamental supplies are accessible. Train your wellbeing laborers to distinguish cases, give cautious and empathetic treatment, and shield themselves from the disease.

On the off chance that nations demonstration forcefully to discover, detach and treat cases, and to follow each contact, they can change the direction of this pestilence.

In the event that we adopt the strategy that there’s no other option for us, that will immediately turn into an unavoidable outcome. It’s in our grasp. WHO has distributed bit by bit rules for nations to build up their national activity plans as indicated by eight key zones, which are bolstered by nitty gritty specialized direction.

We approach all nations to quicken those plans, and we stand prepared to work with them to do that. Additional financing is being made accessible to help nations that need it, and that have designs set up.

As you most likely are aware, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have both made supports accessible to balance out wellbeing frameworks and relieve the financial outcomes of the pestilence, with an extraordinary spotlight on empowering access to basic supplies and hardware.

I had likewise an extremely productive conversation with the President of the African Development Bank. This is financing that is accessible now to nations who need it, in accordance with WHO’s Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan. These assets are fundamental for supporting the reaction now, yet additionally for long haul readiness.

WHO Director-General Message to The Public Through The Media

Despite the fact that COVID-19 presents an intense risk now, it is significant that nations don’t lose this chance to fortify their readiness frameworks. We realize individuals are apprehensive, and that is ordinary and proper.

That dread can be overseen and directed with exact data. Today WHO has propelled another internet based life battle called Be Ready for COVID-19, which urges individuals to be sheltered, keen and educated.

In the event that you feel overpowered by dread, contact people around you. Discover what your locale’s crisis reaction plans are, the means by which you fit in and how you can help. There’s still a great deal we don’t have the foggiest idea, however consistently we’re finding out additional, and we’re working nonstop to fill in the holes in our insight.

At last, how lethal this infection will depend on the infection itself as well as on how we react to it. This is a genuine infection. It isn’t destructive to the vast majority, yet it can murder.

We’re all answerable for diminishing our own danger of disease, and in case we’re contaminated, for decreasing our danger of tainting others. There’s something we all can do to secure powerless individuals in our networks.

That is the reason we continue discussing solidarity. This isn’t only a danger for distinctive individuals or individual nations. We’re all right now, we can just spare lives together.

Source: WHO

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